Sunday, November 28, 2021


Recently, I have been watching the entire "Columbo" series via DVD's. Many of the actors in the early shows (in the 1970s) are dead.  Oh well, we all die.  Then, what happens?  In any event...

Many of the alleged murderers in the show had incriminated themselves, but had not been warned of their right to be silent.  Specifically, Columbo never told suspects that "You have a right to be silent..." etc.

Thus, the alleged perpetrators' statements, triggered by Columbo's conversations and accusations, could possibly be eliminated from trial.  And so, some of the guilty persons Columbo arrested could go free. Depends on the evidence, of course.

There should be a TV program about what happens after Columbo arrested the alleged murderers, and the trial begins.  That could be a show. We'd need a new Columbo, as Peter Falk died over ten years ago.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

RFK, Jr.

I follow and support the Children's Life Fund, run by Robert F. Kennedy (RFK), Jr.  His father RFK and his uncle, JFK, had great speaking voices.  Tonally.  RFK, Jr. has some sort of weakness in his voice.  Still, he speaks out.  

RFK, Jr. has a book about The Real Tony Fauci.  I haven't read it yet, but I bought the book.  I support the Children's Life Fund.  

Sadly, Tony Fauci, of whom I have been disgusted, was born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC, where I still reside.  Embarrassing. 

See and hear,

Monday, October 25, 2021

Jagger Wig

How long has Mick Jagger been wearing a wig? Anyone know?

Great comedians like George Burns and Jack Benny and others before and after, wore a hair piece, from my perception.  Had they been bald, they would not have succeeded, methinks.

But I don't think the Old Time comedians talked about hair-pieces.  As I recall.

Recently, some comedians allegedly used a "weave," whatever that is.  Seinfeld?  He looks bald lately.  Not very pretty.  I'd go back to the "weave," if I were he. 

Sunday, August 15, 2021

In the Moment

I've heard so many people say, "Be in the moment."  In other words, don't focus on the past or the future.  Focus on NOW.  In other words, "Be in the present."

Now, that may be a favorable approach in a number of instances.  However, while drinking too much alcohol may be enjoyable "in the moment," excess drinking could have an impact on the next day, or even immediately.  

So, while it may feel great to have more alcohol today so as to "be in the moment," there may be a price to pay, tomorrow, in terms of a hangover.  

Or maybe sooner.

Suggestion: Do think about drinking too much "in the moment," given the future.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Sign of the Cross

I grew up Catholic. Went to St. Mark's grammar school in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn NYC.  

The nuns taught us the sign of the cross.  What the sign of the cross involves is using your right hand to touch your forehead, then your heart area,  then your left shoulder, and then your right shoulder.  It was a sign that indicated we believed in God the Father, his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. 

Many decades ago, I was playing baseball in a league and decided to make the sign of the cross when stepping into the batter's box.  I'm not sure where I got that idea.  But the ritual made me feel much more confident at the plate.

However, my manager said back then, "Don't do that sign of the cross.  I'll tell you why."

He never told me why or why not.  But I stopped using the sign of the cross as per the manager's directive.  Truly, I had felt better using the sign of the cross when I was up to bat.  Like God was on my side.

Decades later, now (August 2021), when I watch Major League Baseball (Mets mostly), so many players use the sign of the cross before they are at bat, and especially after getting a hit. Or, after getting a big hit, they might do some sort of gesture that symbolizes thanks to Heaven.  OK.  Up to them.

But let's say I'm pitching and I give up the winning home run to a batter who uses the sign of the cross, and he crosses home plate while using the sign of the cross or some other sort of thanks to Heaven. 

As the pitcher who gave up the home run, I would use a Brooklyn hand sign towards the Heavens, and ask, "WTF?  Why did you let him hit a home run off me?  WTF?" 

Previous paragraph would be a good skit, methinks.  

Friday, March 26, 2021

Ebbets Field Tears

Well, the Dodgers had abandoned Brooklyn and gone to LA, after the 1957 baseball season.  

That year, in October, I played in Ebbets Field, as part of a Gravesend Youth Center (GYC) program event.  (I can't confirm the date.  But it happened.) 

I was on the Bantam Team.  Ten years old.  We played the GYC Grasshopper team which was, on average, one or two years older than us.  Big difference.  We felt that we were doomed to lose.  And we lost.

During the middle of the game, I was sent out to play centerfield.  I was not a centerfielder, but there I went.  Duke Snider, Willie Mays, and Mickey Mantle all played there.  And so many others.

When I arrived in center field, the Ebbets Field grass was half-way up to my knees.  I almost cried. Ebbets Field had been neglected.

Someone hit a shot to center.  I did not see the ball until it had risen above the top of the stadium grandstand. When I saw the ball, I could see that it would be way over my head.  A big double.  

Later, when I got up, I grounded out to short.  I hustled hard to first but was out by a stride. 0 for 1.

It was not a good day.  But I got to play in Ebbets Field before they destroyed that "blessed" Brooklyn structure, two years later, in 1960.  

As a kid, I thought I'd be a Brooklyn Dodger one day.  It was a dream that did not manifest.  But I did get to play in Ebbets Field.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Mets Prediction Came True

When the Brooklyn Dodgers abandoned Brooklyn, NYC, I started to root for the NY Yankees.  But my heart was not into it, until came Roger Maris. 

Back then, there were Mickey Mantle vs Roger Maris fans.  I liked them both.  

Maris hit 61 homers but in a 162 game season, vs Babe Ruth's 60 homers in a 154 game season.  Thus, Mr. Maris received an asterisk re the 162 game schedule. 

Later, in 1962, the NY Mets began.  I predicted that it would take 8 years for the Mets to be competitive.  That turned out to be true.  

In 1969, during the 8th season of the Mets, the Mets won the World Series on my birthday.  How gratifying that was.

Friday, November 27, 2020

New Approach Needed

I read this article by Craig McKee.  I think the article is very good.  You can link to it -->

Here are my comments in reply, published on Facebook.  Dennis P. McMahon

Very good article. We need a new platform, a "Banned in Boston" type website(s), available to everyone. RFKJr has recently prescribed one such new platform where nothing is censored. THAT is what's needed (already very late; hopefully it arrives soon). Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. need to be regulated as utilities, and competition needs to be allowed to emerge. Meanwhile, ignore the psychopathic algorithms, and seek the Truth. Hard to find Truth nowadays, since the psychopaths (Gates, Fauci, Ferguson, WHO, CDC, etc.) are manipulating the world, via the COVID19 Plandemic scam. Trump has been very weak in response. Clowns like King Cuomo and Major deBlankio in NY, and their ludicrous and disastrous lockdowns, show that they too are mindless puppets (at best) of the psychopaths who are currently in control of the plandemic. Most other politicians, especially Democrats (FDR must be turning over in his grave) follow that plandemic path as well.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Tango During the Plandemic

I have been tango dancing since before 9/11.  One key aspect of tango for me always has been holding a woman I've never met before in my arms, and leading her to make certain steps, and allowing her to embellish as we connect.  Outside of tango, where can one embrace a total stranger, so intimately?  You can swing, salsa, merengue, etc., but you'll never get so close as you can during tango.  Well, that has been my experience.  I'm sure there are exceptions.

Nowadays, during the plandemic, there are virtual tango classes on the internet.  But where is the touch of a partner? I don't see "touch" happening virtually.  Or am I behind the curve?

Check out the Central Park Tango (CPT) July 13 post on Facebook.*** According to that post, if tango is permitted at CPT, and you want to tango there IF that opportunity actually arises, you must wear a mask and not change partners.  Ugh! 

As of this writing, idiotic lockdown rules are destroying not only lives, careers, small businesses, and the economy etc., but also the mystique of tango. I have no plans to attend CPT or any tango event that requires wearing a mask. 

***KEY Update - July 13th - CPT / Parks Dept Info Exchange Underway !
Last Week, the PARKs Dept provided the Mayor's Office guidance. The CPT response, incl. requested info, has been submitted, so upcoming exchanges will confirm the status of CPT's season.
Meanwhile, (Outdoor Experimental) TANGO INTERLUDEs will continue - For Couples Only.
"Couples Only" Means >>> NO CHANGING of Dance Partner !
(Reminder: Initial Request for Long Term partners was DROPPED a While Ago)
Other IMPORTANT requirement - EVERY Person Must Wear MASK at ALL Times !
Sincere thanks to All who have participated so far, in the Proper manner, given these uncertain times.
Although there has been increasing interest in these INTERLUDEs,
They Continue to be LIMITED to 10 COUPLES ONLY per gathering.
If Interested, please email to (Need to include your partner's name).
STAY TUNED for Further CPT Updates.
Thanks Again for Your Understanding ! ! !

Tuesday, June 23, 2020


I am poised to be a superstar, if someone discovers me.  Two books I've written could be a movie or TV hit series.

Sadly, it is clear, that no one (most likely) will make that discovery.  

A million-to-one shot.

Maybe a billion or trillion to one.

Sunday, May 31, 2020


During the lockdown, I've taken long walks, usually along Sheepshead Bay Road to the Bay itself.  And then back again.

Recently, during those walks, I had perceived that there seemed to be many hookers infiltrating the area.  

It took me two days to figure out that those seeming ladies of the evening were actually just local women flaunting their physiques and looks.  They were not actually hookers.  Instead, they were dressed hooker style.

I asked about this "hooker style" mode of dress (very revealing/flashy) to some of my contacts with whom I connect via text messages.  A couple of women responded.  

One said, "Sounds like the Kardashian-Jenner look..complete w extremely long nails/nail art."  

Another commented, "Yes Sheepshead Bay Very Gucci Prada Mercedes and Bentley’s.  Been trendy for a long time."

I guess I was out of the loop.

Not complaining.  Those women pretty up the area.  Few, if any, wear masks.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Nothing's Gonna Change My World

For some reason, when I go out for a walk during the plandemic lockdown, and put on my headphones to listen to music on my iPhone, I begin my walk while listening to "Across the Universe" by the Beatles.

A repeating refrain in that song's lyrics is "Nothing's gonna change my world."  Not sure why, but I like listening to those lyrics while the world is changing so dramatically via the plandemic and lockdown. A fascination with irony is one suspected proclivity.

Recording at the link below.  Lyrics follow thereafter.
Across the Universe
Words are flowing out
Like endless rain into a paper cup
They slither while they pass
They slip away across the universe
Pools of sorrow, waves of joy
Are drifting through my opened mind
Possessing and caressing me
Jai Guru Deva, Om
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Images of broken light
Which dance before me like a million eyes
They call me on and on across the universe
Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letter box
They tumble blindly as they make their way across the universe
Jai Guru Deva, Om
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Sounds of laughter, shades of life
Are ringing through my open ears
Inciting and inviting me
Limitless, undying love
Which shines around me like a million suns
It calls me on and on across the universe
Jai Guru Deva, Om
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Jai Guru Deva
Jai Guru Deva
Jai Guru Deva
Jai Guru Deva
Jai Guru Deva
Jai Guru Deva
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: John Lennon / Paul McCartney
Across the Universe lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Thursday, April 23, 2020

The Corona Virus (COVID-19) Has Struck . . .

. . . I don't know what to say about it except that the mainstream media is a tool of the powers that be, who reside above Trump, Putin, the Chinese Government, etc.  Here is one podcast I would recommend on this 23rd day of April, 2020.

And check out David Icke, on various places, including .

This is a good story:

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Mom and Dad Connection Day

"Yesterday," at 2/24/20, while driving along Ocean Parkway to get to downtown Brooklyn, I hit a horrid traffic jam.  My middle brother was at my right side in the front passenger seat.  

While in that traffic jam, telepathically, I “heard”our deceased father say, “This [traffic jam] will help arrange for you to have an empty elevator car ride to the seventh floor of 9 Bond Street.”  Or something like that.  And that is exactly what happened, about an hour later.  That gift was most welcome.  I detest crowded elevators.

Later my brother and I drove to Hoyt and Schermerhorn Streets, a street corner which our father had often mentioned when he was alive.  I forget why.  

Driving on Schermerhorn, I made a left on Hoyt and we went passed the rehab center where our mother, also deceased,  had spent so much time.  

It was a (deceased) Dad and Mom Connection Day!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Soul Part

Mary (not her real name) had undergone some sort of trauma in her childhood, I was told by credible sources.  This resulted in the loss of part of Mary’s soul.  The shamans call that “soul loss.”   

Mary's soul loss continued into her adulthood, and was still there, last time I observed, in retrospect. 

Interestingly, and uniquely, the lost soul part came to me and asked me to use my (very rusty) shamanic skills to restore her (the lost soul part) to Mary’s soul.  It was a heavy metaphysical experience that weighed upon me.  

I told the soul part that I could not participate in that type of endeavor unless Mary came to me and requested that a soul retrieval be done (I'd probably refer her to an expert).  It was a matter of ethics.

I know Mary.  She will never make such a request.  But if she does, and if I can help, I will.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Could Not Post This Story on Facebook. . .

. . . but you should be able to find the story at:

You may have to copy and paste vs link.  Of course, the story may disappear at any moment.

Thursday, January 23, 2020


Back in 1969, I had a premonition—that I would die at age 23. The thought would just pop up and into my mind seemingly out of nowhere.  At other times, a license plate number might jump out at me screaming “23” as part of the plate number. For some reason, that would trigger a vision of my impending death at age 23.  I forget the details, but I remember the premonition.
I remember telling my "date", in the Summer of 1969—a great year in New York City—that I would die at the age of 23.  As I recall, we were both smashed on pot and each other.  She didn’t seem to take me seriously enough, or maybe she did, I forget.  We’d be done in a few weeks, for unrelated reasons.
In 1969 and 1970, I believe I mentioned the premonition to others a few times.  Or maybe it was just a couple of times.  At least once, of that I am sure. 
Admittedly, I cannot recall everything about the premonition.  I especially cannot remember the first time I received the message that I would die at age 23.  But the premonition was clear at age 21, and Death was clearly associated with the number 23.
Back in the day, pretty stoned on whatever was available, I had no fear of dying, even tho I actually thought I would be dead before reaching age 24.
Many years later, after my 23rd birthday had passed, I became spiritually minded and came to know that in my previous past life, I had died young. Perhaps that had colored my premonition in this life.
In any event, after age 23 came and went, I forgot about the premonition.  Until the 23rd of January, 1982, when my son Ryan was born but doomed to die soon thereafter, due to medical malpractice.  It was then that the premonition returned, painfully.  All that was 38 years ago to the day, as of this original writing (I've done some editing afterwards).
Obviously, during my premonition stage, 23 and Death had been clearly linked, tho I was way off in thinking that I would die at age 23.  While I do get signs from the Spirit World, now and then, it has been my experience that I often misinterpret those signs, as in the scenario discussed above.  Thus, I have no plans to open up a Psychic Shop.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Marci Maven

I had never heard of Sarah Silverman before binging on “Monk,” the TV series, via AmazonPrime. Sarah guest-starred magnificently in Series 6, Episode 1: “Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan [Marci Maven].”  (She had been in a prior “Monk” episode, years earlier.)

I started Googling à Sarah Silverman ß and found lots of “video clips” (is that still a proper term?) on Youtube and wherever else the search results took me.  Some shows are free, some are for rental and/or sale.  I started viewing the free stuff first. The stand-up comedy shows are raunchy but good.  I especially liked how in "We Are Miracles" (FREE!) Sarah handled the tennis ball and the obnoxious guys in the blue convertible (altho, on second and third viewings, it seems that a stunt person was handling the tennis ball).

Later I bought "Sarah Silberman's 'Jesus Is Magic'" (notice who got star billing there). I rented the video and watched it twice.  I thought the work was brilliant, in a way, but I didn't laugh much.  

Meanwhile, I've read Sarah's book “The Bedwetter,” which I had purchased in paperback.  A quick read.  I submitted a review to Amazon: 4 stars overall: 5 stars for the first half, 3 stars for the second half.  Amazon has published my review.

While reading "The Bedwetter," I got the feeling that I was getting to know Sarah, intimately.  Of course, it could all be an hallucination.  In any event, I was entranced by Sarah's words, and especially her superlative and efficient use of language (maybe her editor deserves credit). 

Miraculously, thru her creative use of language, Sarah transported me into the worlds within which she existed.  How painful the bedwetting scenes.  Entering the pro- (semi-pro-?) comedy world of the 80s was beyond amazing and somewhat horrifying. No author has ever transported me that way, or in any way.  Ever. 

Sarah's experiences in her worlds are beyond extraordinary.  Again, I felt while reading Sarah's words, that I had experienced the events that she had  experienced.  What a great buy for the paperback at $7.50 (plus tax).

I love how Sarah writes. 

I can’t wait to see Sarah on Broadway in April, 2020.  Some sort of musical version of “The Bedwetter,” the show will be, according to Amazon video notes that are attached to "Monk".  

Actually, I detest Broadway musicals, but must go see Sarah in this one.  She is obviously also very talented musically (vocals and guitar), as her work shows.  I very much like that her very tight back-up band is called "The Silver Men."  

And since she is the one who turned me onto "Fan Fiction" (during "Monk") I promise to write a Fan Fiction story starring Sarah and me (notice who gets top billing).  

Postscript:  Just before Christmas 2019, I bought all of the available episodes of "The Sarah Silverman Program" on Amazon, kind of a present from me to me, I thought.  Set me back about forty-five bucks.  No big deal but the problem was that the show is absolutely awful.  Sarah and her real-life/on-show sister Laura are very charismatic, but the other characters and the stories told, well. . . not for me.   Now re-thinking whether I should do that Fan Fiction piece I was thinking about doing, the one featuring Sarah who, as Marci Maven, had turned me on to the Fan-Fiction genre during the "Monk" episode mentioned above (Season 6, Episode 1).  If I do proceed with the project, it would probably be after I see Sarah on Broadway, and also after we see how well the show does economically and critically.  Unless inspiration hits before then.

3/14/20 -- As of this point, I do not plan to see Sarah on Broadway as her show will be a musical.  I am not a fan of musicals. Also, no Fan Fiction planned.

And then the coronavirus lockdown went into effect.  And still is, as of this writing, 5/10/20.

Sunday, December 8, 2019


It sometimes seems that I've been transporting sitcom (and other) ideas into the Future, telepathically.  Pot seems to be an influence, or perhaps a stimulus for hallucination. I lean toward the former.

It also sometimes seems that my telepathic messages are being received by inhabitants of the Future, and used for profit in the entertainment industry.

Thus, I hope there will be, in the Future, a copyright-type law that allows me (and/or my heirs) to share in any profits generated by my transported communications--if those communications were in fact so transported, received, and used to generate profit.

The Future is not that far away, methinks.  Yesterday was the Future ten years ago.


Friday, December 6, 2019

Rotten Apple Policy

Recently, I had an issue with my Apple MacBookPro laptop computer.  The problem involved me trying to get rid of an Office 2011 icon which had come alive after I had inadvertently clicked on it at the bottom of the screen (amongst the vertical row of default icons).  There was no minimizing, or closing down of, the icon.  So I trashed it.  Bad move. 

As a result, I lost Word capability, and thus many valuable (to me) Word documents.

Goal: I had to get back my old Word documents, which I figured involved getting back Word and Office 2011. To do the latter, I was pretty much forced to take certain steps on my computer and sign up with Microsoft to get my Word documents back.  These steps included registering with Microsoft, getting a password, and taking a 30-day free trial subscription to Microsoft Office 365 which includes Word, Outlook, and more.  

After becoming a Microsoft subscriber, I was able to resurrect my Office 2011 Word documents from my laptop Trash file.  Success!

I then began to test Office 365, which didn't work for me.  Thus, I now wanted to unsubscribe from Office 365 before they started billing me $75 annually.  However, there was no way on the computer to cancel the subscription!  No [expletive deleted] way!

I then telephoned Microsoft Support.  The agent's name was "Charms" who was in the Philippines.  She finally determined that to cancel my Microsoft subscription, I had to go thru Apple!  I was like, "What?  Aren't you two competitors?"  

After ending the conversation with Charms, I dialed the Apple number she gave me and connected with Rhonda.  There was a lonnnng wait On Hold.  Through Rhonda, I canceled the subscription.  Or so I was told.  

A couple of weeks later, Apple charged me the $75 annual fee!  I called Apple.  After again spending an eternity "On Hold," I became fed up with Apple, hung up, went on line, and simply protested the charge with my credit card company.  It was interesting that they had a format for just the type of situation I was in, which indicated to me that this 30-day trial period thing is some sort of known (to some) scam.  A few days later, my credit card company gave me credit for the bogus $75 Apple charge.  

Then, a couple of weeks later, I get an email from Apple cancelling my “payment method” for Apple iTunes, iCloud, etc.  The payment method being cancelled, of course, was the credit card company that had nullified the bogus Apple charge. 

On line, I could not resolve the situation.  The system wouldn’t let me. I couldn't even substitute another credit card as a payment method. 

So again I had to call Apple Support, and after another eternity On Hold, I spoke with Michelle who informed me that Apple would not let me use the aforementioned credit card due to the fact that the credit card company had disallowed the bogus Apple charge.  Now, may I ask you, “What kind of a rotten Apple policy is that?  You disallow participation from a major credit card company because they righted a wrong you did?”  Way to go, Apple!

Finally, I was able to set up a new Apple payment method with the help of Michelle who said there is an Apple Support app that I might want to use in the future.  Someday, I probably will download it, but in the meantime, I’m pretty much sick of Apple and their method of: luring you into a trial subscription, and then not letting you out, unless you go thru phone hoops.  And even if an Apple rep says things are ok, Apple will still bill you for the subscription you canceled. And if you get that bogus bill erased by your credit card company, Apple will punish you by banning your credit card company from being an Apple “payment method.”  How rotten can Apple get?

No more trial subscriptions for me.