Wednesday, April 27, 2022


This close friend of mine, claimed that these things happened, below.  He said: 

"The Love of my Life screamed at me, mocked my hearing ability, and ridiculed me for my eyes for having smoked pot. She literally screamed in my face."

He snapped.  Totally.  Screamed at her to "Get lost."  

And she did.  

Yes, she screamed in my face. After he had cooked for her dinner. 

That was the end, for him.  

He was so angry.  It took me days to recover from the anger.  Not sure why. 

Now, he's sad.  Can't get over it.  He should have handled things better.  

But he had snapped.

Still, he will love her forever, the way she once was.  

Now, she is different.

An apology from her would have delivered an apology. 

If she had said an apology.  

He didn't hear her.

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