Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Amazing Grace

My sister-in-law Grace crossed over on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2002, after a long and valiant battle against lung cancer. The doctors had given her six months to live, but Grace fought hard and led a hopeful and relatively happy life for two full years, in defiance of that death sentence.

During that time, Grace became involved with spirituality and I took her to a New Jersey event featuring world class medium Suzane Northrop. We drove from Brooklyn to Jersey in the pouring rain, but it was worth the trip because a couple of our own DPs dropped in—my father for a brief hello, and Grace’s brother Nick who came across as part of a dual reading.

It was during that time frame that Grace was in search of all manner of cancer treatments. She wasn’t doing very well with any of the medical protocols and so I inquired of an old friend who had become a cancer researcher and was aware of the latest approaches. He recommended a doctor at a large, prestigious New York Hospital, who was involved in developing a new type of chemotherapy program.

I connected Grace to my friend’s contact and she began the new treatment, only to quickly descend into a downward spiral. Shortly thereafter, Grace crossed over.

In my mind at least, the chemo had killed her, and I had deep regrets and guilt for having recommended the treatment that had accelerated Grace’s death.

During Grace’s wake, I was staying with my brother Barney in the apartment he and Grace had shared, and where she had died in his arms. I was alone in the living room when suddenly Grace came to me telepathically. There was no doubt that it was her—I recognized her energy. With regard to the treatment I had helped her secure—the chemo that had accelerated her death—Grace said, “You know how much I wanted to fight to stay alive,” while also communicating to me telepathically that I had done nothing wrong, and that she would have had it no other way but to go down fighting.

I stood there in awe, feeling the communication on a cellular level, and in the process experiencing total and true relief from the guilt and regret I had been experiencing. An amazing healing experience!

A couple of years later, I was at a séance with my mother and a cousin. Everyone came away with some DP contact including me, when Grace came thru Suzane to say that it was okay for her dogs (two “white” Shitzus) to go on the couch. And...Grace said thru Suzane...the dogs were “different colors.”

The first part of this communication hit home. While I was staying at Barney and Grace’s apartment, I had been sleeping on the couch. The dogs jumped up to be at my feet. I nudged them off thinking, “Dogs don’t belong on the couch.” And here, thru Suzane, was Grace coming thru from the other side to tell me that her dogs were allowed to be on the couch!

The validity of that message had me second-guessing my initial take that the rest of the communication was somehow inaccurate. That is, I had always perceived the dogs—a father and son duo named Harpo and Zeppo after two of the Marx Brothers—as both being white. But given Grace’s statement coming thru Suzane (who had no knowledge of the dogs’ existence) that the dogs were different colors, I knew I had to look at the dogs a little more closely. Which is what I did the next time that I was with Harpo and Zeppo at my mother’s apartment where Barney would usually bring them on Sunday afternoons. Lo and behold, I could clearly see that the these were two dogs of a different color—one being white, the other beige. Whoa!

Reflecting on the implications of these communications from Grace, I can see that they validate the idea that our DPs are around us and witnessing events. For example, Grace had come thru to say that it was okay for the dogs to be on the couch. Why on Earth would she have said that unless she had been there in the apartment watching me kick the dogs off the couch while I was in trying to go to sleep? Very powerful!

But even more powerful was the common denominator of the other two communications. That is, Grace had somehow been reading my thoughts, and sensing my feelings. For I had communicated to no one that I had been thinking and feeling terrible about having recommended to Grace the chemotherapy protocol that would hasten her departure from this plane. Nor had I told anyone about my inaccurate perception that the two dogs were the same color. These were both my own secret thoughts and feelings. It knocks me out every time I think about how accurate Grace’s mind-reading skills were in these instances. Again, absolutely amazing!

Just writing here to share these stories with you in honor of my sister-in-law, the “Amazing Grace,” on this eve of St. Patrick’s Day 2010, the eighth anniversary of Grace’s passing.

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

And thanks for reading.