Friday, June 24, 2022

What Happens After Death?

Does Consciousness survive Death?  Does the soul actually exist? 

I'm wondering about Life after Death.  And Reincarnation.  I wrote about that in my second book.  

Yeah, I believe that Life continues on after Death.

In this life, I've communicated with those who have died.  I believe that the connection to departed persons is real.  Felt absolutely real.  

So yeah, Life continues on after Death, it seems.

Thursday, June 23, 2022


In baseball, "ERA" = Earned Run Average, is calculated via nine innings (also, "E.R.A.").   This is a pitcher's statistic. 

So, let's say that a pitcher completes the nine-inning game, and he gives up 3 runs over 9 innings.  Since 3 runs were scored via 9 innings, that pitcher's ERA is 3.0 (9 innings calculated with three runs).  

If the pitcher would had given up 1 run per 9 innings, his ERA for that game would be 1.0. (You can look up the statistics.)

Now, let's say Pitcher A ("A") gives up a walk.  Then, Pitcher B ("B") relieves pitcher "A" and "B" comes in and gives up a home run.  Via today's (6/23/2022) rules, A is charged with 1 run, and B is charged with 1 run. 

Now, here is my theory. Since "A" has given up a walk (25% around the bases), after the home run, "A" should be given .25 ERA, and B should be charged with .75 ERA since B gave up the home run.

Maybe there should be a statistic on all that. Let the programmers decide, if they wish.

I wrote to Dick Young about this decades ago re: how to calculate the ERA via my suggestion.  Mr. Young rejected my idea, in print. It was nice of him to print my suggestion, and address the issue, in print.