Monday, August 8, 2022

NY Baseball Producers Stink

It is so horrible to watch ballgames on YES (Yankee Entertainment and Sports Network), and SNY (SportsNet New York), and NYC Channel 11) while the cameras focus on the NYC managers over and over and over again, in between pitches.  

For example, the camera focuses on Aaron Boone while he keeps spitting out nut shells and blows bubble gum, in between pitches.  Why focus on that guy?  It's disgusting. 

Primarily, camera persons don't need to focus on the manager, except when the manager comes out of the dugout or during a crucial play.

Producers need to focus on the pitcher and the batter, not on the managers when the game is on.  

Who cares that the managers are watching the game? The managers are so boring to watch.    

Producers need to focus on the managers when there's an argument with the umpires, or the manager leaves the dugout, etc.  

Focusing on Boone while he is blowing bubbles and spitting out nutshells is disgusting to watch.

Terrible production. 

Who hired these producers?  What a waste. 

Oh yeah...why do they repeat the same commercials over and over and over again on SNY during the baseball games?  Another waste. 

P.S. I watched the Mets lose to the Phillies 2-1, on 8/12/2022.  There was a 90% lessening of a focus on Managers during the Apple TV broadcast. Better production.