Saturday, February 4, 2017

Nobody gives a hoot what I have to say but. . .

. . . I’ll say it anyway. 

… Trump won because the powers that be saw Hillary as too damaged, and so rigged things Trump’s way.  Electronic voting has eliminated what was left of “democracy.”

…This evening, I probably should not have asked the counter guy at the pizza place whether his hands were clean, after witnessing him blowing his nose.  He wasn’t working behind the counter, it turned out, but just hanging out alongside, he testified.  Who knew?  My asking the actual “waitress” the same question when she came into view from the back room elicited a response of, ”Yes, I just washed my hands.” I apologized to the guy twice.  He didn’t seem too upset.

…Bill Pepper’s book “The Plot to Kill King,” on the assassination of Martin Luther King, provides insight into “America,” which (tho not touched on in Pepper’s book) of course was built upon the genocide of the Red Race, and the enslavement of the Black Race.

…Jackie Robinson was properly called safe while stealing home in the 1955 World Series.  Even tho the ball was there before Jackie's foot touched home, Yogi's glove was behind the front of the plate:

There is no hope for “America” unless the people face up to the truth about 9/11, the official story being the foundation of the “Terror State” insanity that prevails today.

It would appear that the powers that backed Adolph Hitler are in control today:  An excellent film even tho the issue of Zionism is not discussed.

The True Torah Jews allege that Hitler and the Zionists were in bed together. Given how the Zionists treat the Palestinians today, the allegation appears credible. It’s impossible for a zebra to change its stripes.

That there are muzzle laws against so-called “Holocaust Denial” (aka NO  “free speech” allowed) should tell you something: 

“The Good Wife,” available on Amazon Prime, is excellent.

The Stupor Bowl is tomorrow.  If you are reading this today, (2/4/2017) enjoy!  If you are reading this after the game is over, I hope you enjoyed the game, if you bothered to watch it.  (I read later that the Patriots made a spectacular comeback and won.  I like the Patriots.)