Saturday, January 19, 2019

Hey! It's 2019!

It’s 2019!  And the writings below have been initially crafted as of the original date of this posting, but edited later, on occasion.  It's up to you to catch where or when.  Not that anyone is reading this anyway.  Unless...there's a "conspiracy theory" investigation underway. By the way, you can't get "Conspiracy Theory" now on Amazon.  I wonder why?  Prime Video
Currently unavailable. 

And this Blogger thing is acting weird.  (True, I haven't been here in a while.)  The links below may not link, but the url's should be accurate.  If interested, cut and paste the url's into your browser, view, listen, and enjoy!

Looking back on 2018, the birth of my granddaughter Ailis in February was such a magnificent highlight, I cannot see fit to complain (too much) about the 2018 things that did occur, and that could be classified as “negative.”

For example, I refuse to complain about my (now ex-) employer’s eliminating my (and so many others’) position(s) via “streamlining,” which came about after a big-time “merger.”  I wish the surviving corporation great luck going forward (they will need it, from what I’ve seen).    

In September 2018, my employer congratulated and rewarded me for 35 years of service.  Two months later, they advised me that my position had been eliminated.  Things can change on a dime, you know? 

Still, needless to say, but saying it anyway, health is the most important thing.  Here’s hoping all of you are healthy. I feel fine (knock kwood!).

By the way, how is it that this brilliantly coined phrase of mine, “Knock kwood!” has not caught on?  My middle brother says, “Because it sucks.”  Can’t be that.

I feel like a fish out of water not going to work. Admittedly, I do at times like not having to go to work, but I miss working.

Sleeping more lately.  Way more.

Some  “No Caller ID” nitwit woke me up three times last night.  Had to learn how to set “Do Not Disturb” on my iPhone.

Being out of work, I’ve taken to Twittering.  I really don’t have that much to say except that…the right to Freedom of Speech is eroding,

here, there, and everywhere.

The Lawyers Committee and the response they received from the US Attorney for the First District, Geoffrey Berman (see link to follow), re-ignites hope (mine, at least) that some semblance of justice may prevail regarding 9/11.  See

Wondering whether the US Attorney for the First District, Geoffrey Berman, can act independently, and in accord with the letter of the law, and within his own conscience, regarding the allegations made by the Lawyers Committee regarding 9/11 (see above).  Where is Trump on all this?  Anywhere?

Wondering also, what percentage of the US (World, etc.) population values Truth, anymore? 

9/11/2001 is a key moment in time. If you are not aware of that, take two red pills and call someone other than me in the morning.

Recently learned (4 years after the fact) that my city’s mayor had decriminalized possession of 25 grams of marijuana (about 88% of an ounce, according to my website calculations). See .  Holy smokes!  Didn’t know the mayor had that power!  Maybe I should read the newspapers and/or watch the news, once in a while.

Growing up, Jimmy Cannon was my favorite newspaper columnist.

It has been reported that, on Dick Clark’s 1950’s+ TV show, American Bandstand, the only music artist allowed to perform LIVE was Jerry Lee Lewis.  Everyone else had to lip sync.  However, this video (across which, I have recently stumbled) seems to capture a LIVE non-Jerry Lee performance by The Champs doing Tequila.  Imbibe, if you will.à

Not sure why I feel the need to say this but. . . When the Brooklyn Dodgers finally won the World Series in 1955, it was a dream come true, for those of us who can still remember.

Three years later, the “Bums” left for the West Coast, a living nightmare that would spur the decline of the borough of Brooklyn for 50 years or so.  We’ve emerged from that cycle now, thankfully.  Brooklyn is happening, and has been, for over a decade!