Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Christmas Gift from the Other Side

As is generally known by those familiar with DP (dead person) communication, the holidays are among those times (along with weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions) when our deceased loved ones are more likely to drop in and communicate with us. 

My most recent journey into this reality occurred on my way home from work this past Christmas Eve, and began with a “spirit nudge.” A DP was prompting me to tend to a couple of minor car issues—get gas and put air in the tires, neither of which I really needed to do at that moment—before going home to freshen up for the dinner party scheduled at my brother’s apartment later in the evening. Although I am aware that heeding DP suggestions and other trustworthy promptings from Spirit can be beneficial, my tiredness, laziness, and stubbornness conspired to have me telepathically reply with a “No thanks, not right now.” However, this DP was insistent and persuasive, promising that something good would result if I chose to heed the call to immediate action. 

Trusting the source and his representations, I drove directly to the gas station. Given the DP’s promise that a benefit would follow if I took care of the car before going home, I immediately put myself on alert for indications that the promise was being fulfilled. I didn’t have to wait very long for the first bit of evidence to emerge. After leaving the gas station and driving to my busy neighborhood, I got a parking space near the apartment building where I and my mother both live (separate apartments)—on a block usually devoid of parking spaces at that time of evening. Discovering that spot was a BIG deal because it meant that I wouldn’t have to lug a heavy, bulky box full of presents very far, nor drive around looking for another spot, and then later have to double park (always dangerous) to get the presents and my 89 year old mother safely into the car. Finding that space also meant that we would not have to deal with all the ice and snow left over from the most recent snow storm, because the path to and around the spot itself was clear. 

Then on the drive to my brother’s apartment I “lucked out” again by finding a tight parking spot not too far away, after dropping off my mother (so she wouldn’t have to deal with frozen snow and ice). That space was the only spot in the area and it took me a few minutes to locate it. So this was another break, allowing me to quickly escape from being among the desperate wild-eyed holiday drivers aggressively competing for parking spots. 

Later, after the dinner party—itself a total success with family, friends, good wine, great food and fantastic vibes all present—on the way home, I discovered a third “lucky” space waiting for me right in front of the building. This find was an especially HUGE deal given how late it was. For not only did finding this spot save me from having to double park and deal with snow and ice hurdles, but I also didn’t have to go searching for a place to park at that late hour when there are usually no good parking spaces to be had. 

Now of course, the logically inclined (or the spiritually inclined during logical moments) might dismiss all of this as coincidence. However, I take to heart what my medium friend Suzane Northrop always says, that "There are no coincidences." I’ve yet to venture that far in my thinking but have come to thoroughly distrust “coincidences” of this nature (almost as much as I distrust political “coincidences”). And when confronted with this kind of synchronicity (otherwise known as a “meaningful coincidence”), I like to ask, "Well if it wasn’t a coincidence, what was it?” 

Thus, the question here became, “If finding these parking spaces wasn’t a coincidence, then what on earth was really going on?” As I see it, my being able to find those three excellent parking spaces at crucial times was set up as a result of me first being open and receptive to DP messages, and then accepting the DP’s prompt to drive directly to the gas station before going home. Otherwise, the timing for the night would have been totally different, and guaranteed that those three spots would not have been there waiting for me. 

During the initial DP communication download, and throughout the evening, I felt my deceased father's energy, and saw him from time to time popping up enthusiastically in my mind’s-eye. Thus, my take was (and is) that Dad was there with us, helping to arrange me scoring not one…not two…but three “incredibly fortuitous” parking spaces on Christmas Eve—as his very thoughtful Christmas present to my mother and me. 

 “Thanks, Dad. Merry Christmas!” 

 And thank you for reading.