Monday, June 10, 2019


True or False?  When you truly love someone, and you break up with them, you can NOT simply stop loving that person, despite all the ending acrimony.  True for me.

However, if the person you loved turns out to be, or had become, a form of negative energy, then it would be unwise to waste nostalgic love on the person you once perceived existed, but no longer does exist, and may never have existed.  Right or wrong?  (I'm not expecting any answers.  No one reads what I write anyway.)

When the Mets play the Yankees, I’m not sure who to root for.  I know, the previous sentence is not grammatically correct.  But “When the Mets play the Yankees, I’m not sure for whom to root,” just doesn’t sound right.

About drinking red wine . . . An Akashik record reading I had with “Joanna” circa 2013, has popped up recently regarding my current (2019) red wine intake.  During the reading, I had simply asked about my consumption of red wine, the amount of which concerned me at the time.  Joanna laughingly replied, "Oh God!"  Then she added that I had a team of teachers and masters and loved ones (collectively, “spirit helpers” (my term)), and that my spirit helpers were "laughing their asses off" after hearing my question. 
Joanna conveyed that my spirit helpers said, "Enjoy yourself," and that "You know when it's too much . . . You know when it's blocking you from attaining [that which you are trying] to attain.”
“There's nothing wrong with enjoying red wine,” Joanna said, as she continued relaying the messages from the spirit helpers.  
"Why is there nothing wrong?" I wondered.  I was drinking more red wine than my doctors had prescribed.  
Then the question was answered.  Because, wine allows me to relax to a place where I “don't seem to be able to get to” otherwise. It's important for me to transcend the “chattering” of my mind.  I do that with dance and drumming, and red wine is “another tool” that I use to do that.
Emphatically, Joanna relayed that "You know your own truth with this," which I took to heart. 
Continuing with her "channeling," Joanna added, "As long as it's not like a gallon a day or something." 
Wow! That was good news!
Then she laughed and said at the end, "A glass or two is good."
Uh oh!  There's a big difference between two glasses and one gallon.  Still trying to figure out the parameters.  But I will go with this for now: I know when it’s too much, and I know my own Truth.  On a daily basis.  Who knows what tomorrow may bring?  
Hemmingway on drinking is here.

Binge watching "Boston Legal," again. In Season 4, Episode 2, Alan and Gloria break up.  Later, on Denny Crane's balcony, Denny asks Alan, "You and Gloria leave it as friends?"  Alan replies sadly, "No." Denny responds, "It's sad how you go from intimacy to nothing. Cold turkey. I mean how many people along the way have true meaning in your life? And to suddenly have no contact after... [Pause]. It's sad."  So true.

OK, so now I'm back on the dating sites.  They have proven productive before, but it was a lot easier five years ago, and much easier than that ten years before then.  Nowadays, so-many of the women in my age group present a primary photo that was taken 20 years before their profile age.  But they do have other photos and there is often one "giveaway" photo amongst their profile photos, showing how they appear now (or a few years before). Why can't people be honest?  I caption or note the date when all of my profile photos were taken.  What a great guy I AM!

Hear, hear!

So many women on the dating sites "love to laugh," so I'm brushing up on my Henny Youngman routines.

Does every woman "love to travel"?  I searched for women who express a hatred regarding travel, on many many dating websites.  No hits.

When on a dating website, a woman includes the adjective "generous" among the traits that she seeks in a man, I think, "Gold-digger."  But, my own history plays into this perspective.  Thus, the thought I get, may not be true.

But who knows?