Sunday, February 14, 2021

Mets Prediction Came True

When the Brooklyn Dodgers abandoned Brooklyn, NYC, I started to root for the NY Yankees.  But my heart was not into it, until came Roger Maris. 

Back then, there were Mickey Mantle vs Roger Maris fans.  I liked them both.  

Maris hit 61 homers but in a 162 game season, vs Babe Ruth's 60 homers in a 154 game season.  Thus, Mr. Maris received an asterisk re the 162 game schedule. 

Later, in 1962, the NY Mets began.  I predicted that it would take 8 years for the Mets to be competitive.  That turned out to be true.  

In 1969, during the 8th season of the Mets, the Mets won the World Series on my birthday.  How gratifying that was.