Wednesday, April 27, 2022


This close friend of mine, claimed that these things happened, below.  He said: 

"The Love of my Life screamed at me, mocked my hearing ability, and ridiculed me for having smoked pot. She literally screamed in my face.  

I snapped.  Told her to "Get lost."  And she did.  

Yeah, she screamed in my face. After I had cooked her dinner. 

That was the end, for me.  I was so angry.  It took me days to recover from the anger.  Not sure why.  Other problems had arisen before.

Now, I'm sad.  Can't get over it.  I should have handled things better.  But I had snapped.

Still, I will love her forever, the way she once was.  Now, she is different.

I wish she would have apologized, but she didn't. 

Strike three.  Out.  Sad."

An apology from her would have short-circuited his insanity.  And things maybe would have been back to "normal".   Maybe.  Who knows?