Sunday, February 10, 2019

An Eye Opener

"The Host and the Parasite" by Greg Felton opened my eyes to political matters I had never seriously considered. For example, the author's analysis regarding Israel having become the US's top priority in the Middle East, instead of oil, I found very persuasive. 

Mr. Felton's observation that during World War II, the Zionists were in bed with the Nazis, is something I had heard before, from the  "True Torah Jews"  no less. Both they and Mr. Felton present strong arguments in support of that position. 

Agree also with Mr. Felton that being anti-Zionist does not make you anti-semitic, despite what many Zionists say. 

Cannot agree with the author that the US military "is the best hope for ending the fascist reign of terror" that exists today (page 494) since I have no idea who in the military would be in control, how they would go about changing things, or what the ultimate result would be. I think a better solution would be to end rigged voting (somehow), and give reformers and the voters a chance to change things. 

Another top priority would be to bring the real culprits behind 9/11 to Justice. As of this writing (2/8/2019), the only hope I see for that scenario is the grand jury action initiated by the Lawyers Committee for a 9/11 Inquiry. 

Here's hoping.

[A version of the above review has been posted on Amazon - 5 Stars.]