Saturday, December 21, 2019

Marci Maven

I had never heard of Sarah Silverman before binging on “Monk,” the TV series, via AmazonPrime. Sarah guest-starred magnificently in Series 6, Episode 1: “Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan [Marci Maven].”  (She had been in a prior “Monk” episode, years earlier.)

I started Googling à Sarah Silverman ß and found lots of “video clips” (is that still a proper term?) on Youtube and wherever else the search results took me.  Some shows are free, some are for rental and/or sale.  I started viewing the free stuff first. The stand-up comedy shows are raunchy but good.  I especially liked how in "We Are Miracles" (FREE!) Sarah handled the tennis ball and the obnoxious guys in the blue convertible (altho, on second and third viewings, it seems that a stunt person was handling the tennis ball).

Later I bought "Sarah Silberman's 'Jesus Is Magic'" (notice who got star billing there). I rented the video and watched it twice.  I thought the work was brilliant, in a way, but I didn't laugh much.  

Meanwhile, I've read Sarah's book “The Bedwetter,” which I had purchased in paperback.  A quick read.  I submitted a review to Amazon: 4 stars overall: 5 stars for the first half, 3 stars for the second half.  Amazon has published my review.

While reading "The Bedwetter," I got the feeling that I was getting to know Sarah, intimately.  Of course, it could all be an hallucination.  In any event, I was entranced by Sarah's words, and especially her superlative and efficient use of language (maybe her editor deserves credit). 

Miraculously, thru her creative use of language, Sarah transported me into the worlds within which she existed.  How painful the bedwetting scenes.  Entering the pro- (semi-pro-?) comedy world of the 80s was beyond amazing and somewhat horrifying. No author has ever transported me that way, or in any way.  Ever. 

Sarah's experiences in her worlds are beyond extraordinary.  Again, I felt while reading Sarah's words, that I had experienced the events that she had  experienced.  What a great buy for the paperback at $7.50 (plus tax).

I love how Sarah writes. 

I can’t wait to see Sarah on Broadway in April, 2020.  Some sort of musical version of “The Bedwetter,” the show will be, according to Amazon video notes that are attached to "Monk".  

Actually, I detest Broadway musicals, but must go see Sarah in this one.  She is obviously also very talented musically (vocals and guitar), as her work shows.  I very much like that her very tight back-up band is called "The Silver Men."  

And since she is the one who turned me onto "Fan Fiction" (during "Monk") I promise to write a Fan Fiction story starring Sarah and me (notice who gets top billing).  

Postscript:  Just before Christmas 2019, I bought all of the available episodes of "The Sarah Silverman Program" on Amazon, kind of a present from me to me, I thought.  Set me back about forty-five bucks.  No big deal but the problem was that the show is absolutely awful.  Sarah and her real-life/on-show sister Laura are very charismatic, but the other characters and the stories told, well. . . not for me.   Now re-thinking whether I should do that Fan Fiction piece I was thinking about doing, the one featuring Sarah who, as Marci Maven, had turned me on to the Fan-Fiction genre during the "Monk" episode mentioned above (Season 6, Episode 1).  If I do proceed with the project, it would probably be after I see Sarah on Broadway, and also after we see how well the show does economically and critically.  Unless inspiration hits before then.

3/14/20 -- As of this point, I do not plan to see Sarah on Broadway as her show will be a musical.  I am not a fan of musicals. Also, no Fan Fiction planned.

And then the coronavirus lockdown went into effect.  And still is, as of this writing, 5/10/20.

Sunday, December 8, 2019


It sometimes seems that I've been transporting sitcom (and other) ideas into the Future, telepathically.  Pot seems to be an influence, or perhaps a stimulus for hallucination. I lean toward the former.

It also sometimes seems that my telepathic messages are being received by inhabitants of the Future, and used for profit in the entertainment industry.

Thus, I hope there will be, in the Future, a copyright-type law that allows me (and/or my heirs) to share in any profits generated by my transported communications--if those communications were in fact so transported, received, and used to generate profit.

The Future is not that far away, methinks.  Yesterday was the Future ten years ago.


Friday, December 6, 2019

Rotten Apple Policy

Recently, I had an issue with my Apple MacBookPro laptop computer.  The problem involved me trying to get rid of an Office 2011 icon which had come alive after I had inadvertently clicked on it at the bottom of the screen (amongst the vertical row of default icons).  There was no minimizing, or closing down of, the icon.  So I trashed it.  Bad move. 

As a result, I lost Word capability, and thus many valuable (to me) Word documents.

Goal: I had to get back my old Word documents, which I figured involved getting back Word and Office 2011. To do the latter, I was pretty much forced to take certain steps on my computer and sign up with Microsoft to get my Word documents back.  These steps included registering with Microsoft, getting a password, and taking a 30-day free trial subscription to Microsoft Office 365 which includes Word, Outlook, and more.  

After becoming a Microsoft subscriber, I was able to resurrect my Office 2011 Word documents from my laptop Trash file.  Success!

I then began to test Office 365, which didn't work for me.  Thus, I now wanted to unsubscribe from Office 365 before they started billing me $75 annually.  However, there was no way on the computer to cancel the subscription!  No [expletive deleted] way!

I then telephoned Microsoft Support.  The agent's name was "Charms" who was in the Philippines.  She finally determined that to cancel my Microsoft subscription, I had to go thru Apple!  I was like, "What?  Aren't you two competitors?"  

After ending the conversation with Charms, I dialed the Apple number she gave me and connected with Rhonda.  There was a lonnnng wait On Hold.  Through Rhonda, I canceled the subscription.  Or so I was told.  

A couple of weeks later, Apple charged me the $75 annual fee!  I called Apple.  After again spending an eternity "On Hold," I became fed up with Apple, hung up, went on line, and simply protested the charge with my credit card company.  It was interesting that they had a format for just the type of situation I was in, which indicated to me that this 30-day trial period thing is some sort of known (to some) scam.  A few days later, my credit card company gave me credit for the bogus $75 Apple charge.  

Then, a couple of weeks later, I get an email from Apple cancelling my “payment method” for Apple iTunes, iCloud, etc.  The payment method being cancelled, of course, was the credit card company that had nullified the bogus Apple charge. 

On line, I could not resolve the situation.  The system wouldn’t let me. I couldn't even substitute another credit card as a payment method. 

So again I had to call Apple Support, and after another eternity On Hold, I spoke with Michelle who informed me that Apple would not let me use the aforementioned credit card due to the fact that the credit card company had disallowed the bogus Apple charge.  Now, may I ask you, “What kind of a rotten Apple policy is that?  You disallow participation from a major credit card company because they righted a wrong you did?”  Way to go, Apple!

Finally, I was able to set up a new Apple payment method with the help of Michelle who said there is an Apple Support app that I might want to use in the future.  Someday, I probably will download it, but in the meantime, I’m pretty much sick of Apple and their method of: luring you into a trial subscription, and then not letting you out, unless you go thru phone hoops.  And even if an Apple rep says things are ok, Apple will still bill you for the subscription you canceled. And if you get that bogus bill erased by your credit card company, Apple will punish you by banning your credit card company from being an Apple “payment method.”  How rotten can Apple get?

No more trial subscriptions for me.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

"F" Unconditional Love

I keep hearing, seeing, sensing, misbelieving, that "Unconditional Love" is a good thing.

OK, so let's ASSume that that "Unconditional Love" is a good thing.

Now, let's say that you and I are a couple.  We've known each other for some significant period of time.  You feel and declare that you love me unconditionally.  I question the authenticity of that declaration, but we bury the hatchet.

Soon thereafter, out of nowhere, I grab your prized parakeet and bite his/her/their head off.

Will you still love me, after that fatal bite?


If yes, or no, how will our relationship proceed?

Monday, October 28, 2019


He possessed me.  My ex-Love's father, that is.  But, just for a moment.

He resides in "the Afterlife."  I don't know his name.  Let's call him Al, in this narrative.

As I saw it in retrospect, Al drove me to do something very magnanimous towards his daughter who was, and is, and will always be, someone very special to me.  But, we did break up, five months ago as of this writing (subsequent edits may skew this time slot).

Long story short, I performed the magnanimous gesture that was foisted upon me by Al.

Closure ensued.  Truly.  I felt so much better over certain issues that were very important.  Of that I am a certain extent.

Sometimes, things work out.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Birthday Archons

The archons are being archonized, by forces unknown to man.  That is my perspective, on this Wednesday, October 16, 2019.  Thus...

Truth is on the Horizon.  
I can feel the Truth emerging.  
I can sense the Truth emerging. 

I admit that this perception of
May be nothing more than 
An hallucination.

Or something else.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

How I Helped Change The World For the Better

The year is 2030. 2020 is hindsight.

Like JFK, RFK, MLK, JL***, Paul Wellstone and many others, I have this (intermittent, for me) drive to try and change the world for the better.  Of course, I am not nearly in the category of the aforementioned assassinated dignitaries, but I have the same compulsion they had.   

One day, that drive took over.  I wrote a FanFiction story based on Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” 

Larry and I graduated from Sheepshead Bay High School in June 1965.  We are in the same yearbook, check it out.  We didn’t know each other (at least, I was not aware of him), but we may have been in the same class here and there.  Not sure.  But that high school connection was the hook in the FanFiction story.

In my FanFiction story, Larry inadvertently discovers my website on the Internet via links to a Sheepshead Bay High School reunion invitation (on Facebook, or Twitter, or via email or whatever; romantic nostalgia included in flashbacks).  Larry then discovers my blog, and takes an interest in something I had to say for some reason.  And then, the FanFiction script begins to actually happen. 

In another ongoing story line, Larry’s manager’s (Jeff’s) wife (Suzie) becomes infatuated with me via an aspect of my book “Into the Mystic (From the Streets of Brooklyn).” She tracks me down. Odd synchronicities occur, media attention is gathered, and my book becomes a million seller, and I become a media personality who is negatively presented by the mainstream media (due to my 9/11 Truth activism) via use of the term "conspiracy theorist."  

Later, Suzie and I make funny love and soon thereafter she gets divorced from Jeff, but does not take him to the cleaners (as was her previous propensity (flashback film included)), due in part to my influence.  Jeff becomes an even more successful rogue.

Then, in another episode, Larry comes with me to an Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth event. Both Ed Asner and Rosie O’Donnell are there.  Both had been on episodes of "Curb."  Whoopi Goldberg makes an appearance and statement. Videos are presented by Richard Gage.  The Truth about 9/11 in NYC is told.  The audience reacts.  And so do Ed, Rosie, Whoopi and Larry. I nod knowingly.  Thereafter, the Word about 9/11 Truth spreads.

Later, Larry mentions off camera (a show within a show) to his on-camera ex-wife Cheryl, in real life the wife of RFK, Jr., about my 9/11 Truther aspects.   Hearing about this from Cheryl, RFK Jr gets involved and that somehow starts a real Truth Revolution that leads to the conviction of the conspirators behind 9/11, and the cleansing of America. 

Later, the truth about the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK, Paul Wellstone, Malcolm X, and JFK Jr, also helps awaken the public.  Soon thereafter, the rigged voting process in the U.S. is cleansed.  Reasonable politicians are elected.  Budgets and taxes and health care rules change.  And the USA, and the World, become a better place.  

This is how I see it today, in retrospect, this 16th of October, 2030.  

*** JFK is John F. Kennedy, RFK is Robert F. Kennedy, MLK is Martin Luther King, JL is John Lennon.

Monday, June 10, 2019


True or False?  When you truly love someone, and you break up with them, you can NOT simply stop loving that person, despite all the ending acrimony.  True for me.

However, if the person you loved turns out to be, or had become, a form of negative energy, then it would be unwise to waste nostalgic love on the person you once perceived existed, but no longer does exist, and may never have existed.  Right or wrong?  (I'm not expecting any answers.  No one reads what I write anyway.)

When the Mets play the Yankees, I’m not sure who to root for.  I know, the previous sentence is not grammatically correct.  But “When the Mets play the Yankees, I’m not sure for whom to root,” just doesn’t sound right.

About drinking red wine . . . An Akashik record reading I had with “Joanna” circa 2013, has popped up recently regarding my current (2019) red wine intake.  During the reading, I had simply asked about my consumption of red wine, the amount of which concerned me at the time.  Joanna laughingly replied, "Oh God!"  Then she added that I had a team of teachers and masters and loved ones (collectively, “spirit helpers” (my term)), and that my spirit helpers were "laughing their asses off" after hearing my question. 
Joanna conveyed that my spirit helpers said, "Enjoy yourself," and that "You know when it's too much . . . You know when it's blocking you from attaining [that which you are trying] to attain.”
“There's nothing wrong with enjoying red wine,” Joanna said, as she continued relaying the messages from the spirit helpers.  
"Why is there nothing wrong?" I wondered.  I was drinking more red wine than my doctors had prescribed.  
Then the question was answered.  Because, wine allows me to relax to a place where I “don't seem to be able to get to” otherwise. It's important for me to transcend the “chattering” of my mind.  I do that with dance and drumming, and red wine is “another tool” that I use to do that.
Emphatically, Joanna relayed that "You know your own truth with this," which I took to heart. 
Continuing with her "channeling," Joanna added, "As long as it's not like a gallon a day or something." 
Wow! That was good news!
Then she laughed and said at the end, "A glass or two is good."
Uh oh!  There's a big difference between two glasses and one gallon.  Still trying to figure out the parameters.  But I will go with this for now: I know when it’s too much, and I know my own Truth.  On a daily basis.  Who knows what tomorrow may bring?  
Hemmingway on drinking is here.

Binge watching "Boston Legal," again. In Season 4, Episode 2, Alan and Gloria break up.  Later, on Denny Crane's balcony, Denny asks Alan, "You and Gloria leave it as friends?"  Alan replies sadly, "No." Denny responds, "It's sad how you go from intimacy to nothing. Cold turkey. I mean how many people along the way have true meaning in your life? And to suddenly have no contact after... [Pause]. It's sad."  So true.

OK, so now I'm back on the dating sites.  They have proven productive before, but it was a lot easier five years ago, and much easier than that ten years before then.  Nowadays, so-many of the women in my age group present a primary photo that was taken 20 years before their profile age.  But they do have other photos and there is often one "giveaway" photo amongst their profile photos, showing how they appear now (or a few years before). Why can't people be honest?  I caption or note the date when all of my profile photos were taken.  What a great guy I AM!

Hear, hear!

So many women on the dating sites "love to laugh," so I'm brushing up on my Henny Youngman routines.

Does every woman "love to travel"?  I searched for women who express a hatred regarding travel, on many many dating websites.  No hits.

When on a dating website, a woman includes the adjective "generous" among the traits that she seeks in a man, I think, "Gold-digger."  But, my own history plays into this perspective.  Thus, the thought I get, may not be true.

But who knows?