Saturday, February 15, 2014

Where Was I?

Five months before this writing, I had gotten a fantastic Akashic Records reading from Joanna Salerno. Not knowing my background or connection to shamanism, Joanna began the reading with the revelation of a past life I had as a wizard within a Seventh Century shamanic community in Scotland. As she explained, the Records indicated that “the unseen” had formed me and framed me from that point forward, which totally resonated.

A few months later, I got an email from Garry Gewanta friend whose spirituality-based events I had attended from time to time, over the years, in various parts of New Jersey.  I hadn’t seen Garry in a while and was feeling drawn to the past life regression workshop he had scheduled for Saturday January 18, 2014.  My inclination was to determine if I could connect with that Seventh Century existence Joanna had mentioned, and learn what I could learn.  So I registered for Garry’s full-day event. 

On the day of the event, the weather wasn’t all that cooperative.  It was snowing and the roads were slippery.  Still, a dozen of us past life regression seekers did make it to Garry’s venue. 

The morning session involved Garry’s leading a discussion of past life regression in general, and in the afternoon, after some preliminary exercises, he was to guide us to wherever it was we would be going while in a hypnotized state he would induce.  This being a group-session and not a one-on-one event, Garry’s guidance could only be general, and there would be no interacting between him and any members of the group during the regression. 

We all closed our eyes and relaxed, as Garry began guiding us into a trance state. 

The vision came quickly for me.  Entranced, I was transported back to what I took to be Seventh Century Scotland, and saw a ghostly version of myself there.  I was indeed part of a shamanic community.  We were gathered in a clearing in a forest.  The community appeared to be nomadic, and it registered that we were from the future somehow, time travelers of a sort—at least that was the information coming to me as I envisioned.  I did not see any children there, nor any living quarters.

While inside the vision, I was walking among the gathering and became very consciously aware that I had absolutely no fear or concern of the men around methis in stark contrast to how it was on the streets of Brooklyn of my youth where I was always on guard.  (Why the streets of Brooklyn of my youth were my frame of reference, I can only surmise.)  I wondered why I had no fear and looked down at my body.  It was then that I realized that I was a woman (as Joanna had noted in the reading), seemingly in her twenties.  At that point my consciousness (such as it was) was thrust out of the vision itself, and I became more of a third-party observer. 

I watched as the woman I was came further into focus.  As she walked, it was as tho she were gliding thru the grounds.  “A very light body,” I thought.  (For ease of reference here, I will at times refer to the woman in the vision as “Rhona,” a name I selected from the list here.  

On a prompt from Garry to look around for someone we knew, I found a version of my internet friend Cindy (who, in this life, had recommended Joanna to me initially).  In the vision, Cindy was male (as Joanna had mentioned during my Akashic Record reading), young and handsome.  He was pursuing Rhona, but she perceived him only as a friend.  Finally she gave in, almost as a favor.  They made love only once.  There was no vision of the act, only a realization.

Rhona knew, and I sensed that the entire community was aware, that their souls had incarnated knowing that they would be slaughtered one day.  That was their destiny.  It was what they had signed up for.  And that's exactly what happened in the vision.  

When an invading horde entered the village, Rhona walked up boldly but peaceably to confront the horrifying bearded hairy monster who was the leader of the gang of blood-thirsty warriors.  She stared him in the eyes, fearlessly, and said nothing.  In one sudden swipe with his huge heavy sword, the horde leader cut off Rhona’s head.  It came to me that she was actually happy about the quick death because she did not want to be raped.  And because, as the shamans say, “It's important how you die.”

The horde leader reached down to the ground and grabbed Rhona’s bleeding head by the hair.  He held it up and mockingly yelled to the community now gathered around, “Here’s your great mystic.”  Then he and the rest of the horde proceeded to slaughter everyone in the village.  

I saw Rhona’s spirit/soul exit her body peacefully.  In spirit as in life, she was beautiful.  As a spirit walking away from the horror, she would not turn around to witness the atrocity being committed; but she knew what was happening.  Nor was I permitted to watch, as a third-person observer, which was okay by me.  However, I did at one point see wild dogs eating at Rhona’s body.  

It came to me that somehow as a result of this horror, when the souls of the community were outside their slaughtered bodies, their energies spread out, and seeds of spirituality began to be sown far and wide.  That was apparently the goal they had, as souls, before agreeing to incarnate and be slaughtered.  That is, they were there to die as they did, and as a result (somehow) spread spirituality for the overall betterment of mankind.  Why they had to go thru such a horrible death in order to accomplish this result was not revealed.  Nor could I help but wonder if there were not a better way.

Once the vision was over, I meditated on how that life of mine as Rhona was impacting me now in this life—which was the reason for doing the past life regression to begin with.  In the main, the answer was twofold.

First, in this life, I am into spirituality, and help to spread spirituality via my book, website, participation at circles, seminars, mediumship and spirituality events, meeting people of a like-mind, and sharing stories; all of which tends to strengthen our connections, and reinforce our beliefs.

Second, I have undertaken my 9/11 truth efforts to help bring about justice for innocent victims ruthlessly slaughtered.  

On a macro level, my take is that energies (known as archons***) possessed the horde back in the Seventh Century, and that these are the same energies (or family of energies) that inhabited those who massacred the nearly three thousand people in the false flag atrocity known as 9/11, and millions later in the name of the bogus and endless “War on Terror”  (which would be more appropriately named, the “War of Terror”).   I did not get that the same souls were involved.  

A third impact on my current life from that life of mine in Seventh Century Scotland, is the death wish I seem to have at times (but never take too seriously) in this life.

So, where was I, in actuality, during this past life regression?  Was the vision I experienced an accurate portrayal of a slice of my soul's personal history?  Or just a dream.

In short, I am not sure.  For all the paranormal experiences I’ve had throughout my life, I am still somewhat of a skeptic.  It seemed at times that this vision was too pat, fed by prior references and revelations, and that i might have been “making it up.”  

But then again, I was in a fairly deep hypnotic state which (for me at least) is usually a trustworthy environment.  Also, the vision was very vivid and independently directed, thereby providing authenticity, in my view.  

At the end of the group past life regression session, Garry brought us back into our current selves.  I shared my vision with the group.  There was no feedback, except a pat on the back from Garry. 

Later, I asked Cindy for her take and she said, “I feel it probably happened as you saw it.”  

I would say that the vision is true in some symbolic sense, and maybe historically as well.

I had also asked Garry in an email, “with regard to the experience i had/shared at your workshop—what was your take on what i experienced, as shared?  [did it] seem valid to you, or [was it just] me ‘imagining things?’”

Garry responded, “That question is in all of our thoughts after a PLR [past life regression].  There is only one person who can answer that and that’s you. If it felt real to you, it was. If you think it was your imagination, I would ask: is it possible that what you interpret as imagination could really be your subconscious access to a past life experience that you perceive as imagination?  More food for thought.”

Yes, and that is the bottom line.  I have indeed thought about the experience and decided to blog about it.  And so that’s where I am,  at the moment of this writing.

Thanks for reading.  As always, comments welcome.

***For more on the archons, see my Amazon review of Hank Wesselman's The Bowl of Light here  where I point out a. . . 
. . . somewhat disturbing discussion of a "the deceivers" (called "archons" by the early Gnostics, as Hank observes in a footnote on page 250). Makua [the great Hawaiian mystic] describes the deceivers as those 'free-ranging psychic entities, invisible beings [not spirits] who function as mind parasites...they especially attach themselves to our political, economic, and religious leaders--to all the major players in the game.' During Makua's discussion of the deceivers, Hank pointedly interjects, "I thought furiously and responded, 'The Christian massacre of the pagans...the Dark Ages...the Thirty Years' War...the Inquisition...the witch hunts...the Holocaust...9/11...' Makua smiled sadly and simply nodded in agreement" (page 226).