Thursday, March 17, 2016

Been a While, so. . .

. . . writing this.

My mom passed on 1/11 of this year, 2016.  Since my mom's passing, I can't tell you how many 111's have been appearing in my life, validating that life goes on after earthly death.  If I had kept track, I'd record as much here but since I haven't, there is nothing much to record.

But here is what happened today, St. Paddy's Day, 2016.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have been charged with being the executor of my mom's small estate.  As a continuing part of my executor duties, today, I went to my mom's bank to (1) close out her modest account, and (2) create an estate account to handle the distribution of her modest assets, and pay any and all legitimate outstanding debts.

At an early lunch, I went to the local bank and took care of my mother’s bank account.  They loved her there.  The last name of the woman who waited on me initially was the same as my mother’s maiden name.  As the woman and I began to conduct banking business, The Stones’ “Miss You” was playing on the bank speaker system.  

"Yeah, I miss you too Mom," popped up from my subconscious.

Turns out that today is St. Paddy's Day, and the 14th anniversary of the passing of someone very close, a fact to which I was alerted to by another, during the course of the day.

After taking care of all the bank stuff, I went home and reached for a plate to prepare my brunch.  Somehow,  while consciously reaching for a plate of my own,  I retrieved one of my mother’s old plates, a plate that I haven’t used in...forever. 

Synchronicities? As an old hippy friend of mine would say, back in the day, "For sure." 

Mark 4:9...9Then Jesus said, “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.”