Friday, November 27, 2020

New Approach Needed

I read this article by Craig McKee.  I think the article is very good.  You can link to it -->

Here are my comments in reply, published on Facebook.  Dennis P. McMahon

Very good article. We need a new platform, a "Banned in Boston" type website(s), available to everyone. RFKJr has recently prescribed one such new platform where nothing is censored. THAT is what's needed (already very late; hopefully it arrives soon). Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. need to be regulated as utilities, and competition needs to be allowed to emerge. Meanwhile, ignore the psychopathic algorithms, and seek the Truth. Hard to find Truth nowadays, since the psychopaths (Gates, Fauci, Ferguson, WHO, CDC, etc.) are manipulating the world, via the COVID19 Plandemic scam. Trump has been very weak in response. Clowns like King Cuomo and Major deBlankio in NY, and their ludicrous and disastrous lockdowns, show that they too are mindless puppets (at best) of the psychopaths who are currently in control of the plandemic. Most other politicians, especially Democrats (FDR must be turning over in his grave) follow that plandemic path as well.