Thursday, January 13, 2022

One Game

It was December of 1968.  At Shea Stadium, it was Jets vs Raiders.  The winner would progress to the Super Bowl. 

The Jets beat the Raiders in the 1968 AFL Championship.  

I was there, at Shea Stadium.  In the upper decks.  

Namath was at the helm, and he was doing well.

But...every time I left the seats to smoke hash in the corridors, and warm up, the Raiders scored.  Three times that happened, as I recall.  

I was about to leave my seat the fourth time and the BIG tough guys surrounding me said, "Stay the fuck here.  You ain't going nowhere.  Stay the fuck here. Every time you leave, Oakland scores.  Stay the fuck here."

I was ok with staying.  I was pretty high anyway.

There was an open field to our left.  I think it was third down.  The quarterback didn't see the open man.  Incomplete pass, in the other way.

Then the Raiders were on a comeback, but a lateral pass ended up in the Jets' hands.

Jets won.

I was congratulated for having stayed in the the seats that I had occupied during the end of the game.

Fans congratulated me, as if I were part of the Jet win scenario.  

Jets went on to win the Super Bowl.  Amazing!

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