Wednesday, September 7, 2022


Maris hit 61 homers in 1961.  

But Maris HR'ed 61 HRs during the 162 game season.  Ruth hit 60 HRs during the season via 154 games.  

I think there might still be as a "seasonal" asterisk in the Hall of Fame. Not sure.

Aaron Judge hit 62nd homers in 2022 ! Judge broke Maris' record.  

Judge will be a free agent.  Will the Mets get him?  Will the Yankees get him?  Others?  Probably LA Dodgers.  Astros?  Who knows.  Will update.

It's all about money.  Kinda.  

In other words, again  . . . 

Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs (HRs) in a 154 game season.

Roger Maris hit 61 HRs in 1961, in a 162 game season.

Aaron Judge hit 62 HRs in 2022, which broke Maris' record.

There should be a distinction between a 154 game season vs. a 162 game season.

And then there is Barry Bonds.  According to the web: "San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds . . . hit his record-breaking 73rd homer in a [162 game] season back" in 2001.

How many HRs did Barry Bonds hit in home runs in 154 games?  (Haven't found.)

About Barry Bonds:

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