Sunday, July 10, 2022


Having lost the life of my Love, I signed up for the Zoosk online dating site a couple of days ago (around 7/10/22).  

So many of the women on that site use photos that are 20+ and 40+ years younger than what they actually are. 

Twenty years ago, I used to enrol on many dating sites.  Back then, I was younger. Had many dates back then.  Not anymore.

Oh well, whatever happens happens.

What happens when a woman "viewed" you on the Zoosk website, a number of times?  Not sure what that means.  Am I supposed to be aggressive, and reply?  Not my style. (It seems to be a Zoosk program, see below.)

Written messages from women are rare.  I wrote "messages" to many women, but I got very few replies.  Often, the women simply didn't reply.  Maybe they don't know how?  It's a complicated platform ("Zoosk").

Also, I spent $100 on "1,800 Zoosk coins."  I used 300 coins to allegedly attract more women via an enhanced search.  The enhanced search was 3x (3 times) more than the usual, Zoosk said.  During the first adventure, attractive women who connected with me were often so many many miles (50+ miles, on average) away (not scientific; random).  Same result after a second time.  Waste of $100.

I discovered that the Zoosk program impersonates people, it seems!  I get many "views" that are bogus, and others get "views" from me that I did not view, allegedly.  Faux "views."  Waste of money.  My opinion.  However, I did communicate with a few women (no dates).

It seems, allegedly, that Zoosk is using a bogus "connection" program, which is to inspire others to attach with others.  

Four times, four women sent me a "big heart" to me.   None of those women ever responded to my messages.  Fixed?  Seems so. Programmatically?  Seems so. 

Fake personalities are alleged and proffered.  Wondering about the contracts between the alleged "fake personalities" and Zoosk. 

Zoosk deleted my take on the Zoosk program, on Zoosk.  

Zoosk is using a program that arranges "zooms", over and over and over again, allegedly.  

Also, Zoosk deleted my opinion on the Zoosk personal format.  DELETED!  Oh well. 

Then, I discovered, that there are three dots in the upper right hand corner of a person's photograph, which is disguised.  You can eliminate those persons via those dots. Two steps.  Follow.  

It seems that humans are working for Zoosk.  And they do a good job.

All of the above is opinionated.  

All of the above is alleged.

All of the above is above.

Bottom line: At my age, Zoosk sucks.

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