Tuesday, June 23, 2020


I can't but help but think that I am poised to be a superstar, if Larry David discovers me.

Sadly, it is clear, that Larry most likely will not make that discovery.  But if he does, he will likely ignore me, even tho we are in the same Sheepshead Bay HS graduating yearbook, June 1965.

Never mind my 9/11 Truth endeavors, which will distract from entertainment on Curb, unless the writers chip in creatively and honestly, and mock the official propaganda story.

It should also matter that I support RFK Jr, and his group childrenshealthdefense.org.  He is married to Cheryl Hines (Larry's wife/ex-wife on "Curb"). That too could be worked in.

A show within a show could help change the world for the better, methinks.

But Larry won't go there, I don't think.  I don't blame him, if that is his position. Larry is basically a punk, as he acknowledges on his show.  But he was great in that one episode where he became a hero while beating up a subway mugger with a loaf of hard Italian (French?) bread.

Dreaming on.

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