Tuesday, October 29, 2019

"F" Unconditional Love

I keep hearing, seeing, sensing, misbelieving, that "Unconditional Love" is a good thing.

OK, so let's ASSume that that "Unconditional Love" is a good thing.

Now, let's say that you and I are a couple.  We've known each other for some significant period of time.  You feel and declare that you love me unconditionally.  I question the authenticity of that declaration, but we bury the hatchet.

Soon thereafter, out of nowhere, I grab your prized parakeet and bite his/her/their head off.

Will you still love me, after that fatal bite?


If yes, or no, how will our relationship proceed?

Monday, October 28, 2019


He possessed me.  My ex-Love's father, that is.  But, just for a moment.

He resides in "the Afterlife."  I don't know his name.  Let's call him Al, in this narrative.

As I saw it in retrospect, Al drove me to do something very magnanimous towards his daughter who was, and is, and will always be, something very special to me.  But, we did break up, five months ago as of this writing (subsequent edits may skew this time slot).

Long story short, I performed the magnanimous gesture that was foisted upon me by Al.

Closure ensued.  Truly.  I felt so much better over certain issues that I cannot even recall at the moment.  But the issues were actually very important.  Of that I am sure....to a certain extent.

Sometimes, things work out.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


The archons are being archonized, by forces unknown to man.  That is my perspective, on this Wednesday, October 16, 2019.  Thus...

Truth is on the Horizon.  
I can feel the Truth emerging.  
I can sense the Truth emerging. 

I admit that this perception of
May be nothing more than 
An hallucination.

Or something else.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

How I Helped Change The World

The year is 2030. 2020 is hindsight.

Like JFK, RFK, MLK, JL***, Paul Wellstone and many others, I have this (intermittent, for me) drive to try and change the world for the better.  Of course, I am not nearly in the category of the aforementioned assassinated dignitaries, but I have the same compulsion they had.   

One day, that drive took over.  I wrote a FanFiction story based on Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” 

Larry and I graduated from Sheepshead Bay High School in June 1965.  We are in the same yearbook, check it out.  We didn’t know each other (at least, I was not aware of him), but we may have been in the same class here and there.  Not sure.  But that high school connection was the hook in the FanFiction story.

In my FanFiction story, Larry inadvertently discovers my website on the Internet via links to a Sheepshead Bay High School reunion invitation (on Facebook, or Twitter, or via email or whatever; romantic nostalgia included in flashbacks).  Larry then discovers my blog, and takes an interest in something I had to say for some reason.  And then, the FanFiction script begins to actually happen. 

In another ongoing story line, Larry’s manager’s (Jeff’s) wife (Suzie) becomes infatuated with me via an aspect of my book “Into the Mystic (From the Streets of Brooklyn).” She tracks me down. Odd synchronicities occur, media attention is gathered, and my book becomes a million seller, and I become a media personality who is negatively presented by the mainstream media (due to my 9/11 Truth activism) via use of the term "conspiracy theorist."  

Later, Suzie and I make funny love and soon thereafter she gets divorced from Jeff, but does not take him to the cleaners (as was her previous propensity (flashback film included)), due in part to my influence.  Jeff becomes an even more successful rogue.

Then, in another episode, Larry comes with me to an Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth event. Both Ed Asner and Rosie O’Donnell are there.  Both had been on episodes of "Curb."  Videos are presented by Richard Gage.  The Truth about 9/11 in NYC is told.  The audience reacts.  And so do Ed, Rosie, and Larry. I nod knowingly.  Thereafter, the Word about 9/11 Truth spreads.

Later, Larry mentions off camera (a show within a show) to his on-camera ex-wife Cheryl, in real life the wife of RFK, Jr., about my 9/11 Truther aspects.   Hearing about this from Cheryl, RFK Jr gets involved and that somehow starts a Truth Revolution that leads to the conviction of the conspirators behind 9/11, and the cleansing of America. 

Later, the truth about the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK, Paul Wellstone, Malcolm X, and JFK Jr, also helps awaken the public.  Soon thereafter, the rigged voting process in the U.S. is cleansed.  Reasonable politicians are elected.  Budgets and taxes and health care rules change.  And the USA, and the World, become a better place.  

This is how I see it today, in retrospect, this 16th of October, 2030.  

*** JFK is John F. Kennedy, RFK is Robert F. Kennedy, MLK is Martin Luther King, JL is John Lennon.

Monday, June 10, 2019


True or False?  When you truly love someone, and you break up with them, you can NOT simply stop loving that person, despite all the ending acrimony.  True for me.
However, if the person you loved turns out to be, or had become, a form of negative energy, then it would be unwise to waste nostalgic love on the person you once perceived existed, but no longer does exist, and may never have existed.  Right or wrong?  (I'm not expecting any answers.  No one reads what I write anyway.)

When the Mets play the Yankees, I’m not sure who to root for.  I know, the previous sentence is not grammatically correct.  But “When the Mets play the Yankees, I’m not sure for whom to root,” just doesn’t sound right.

About drinking red wine . . . An Akashik record reading I had with “Joanna” circa 2013, has popped up recently regarding my current (2019) red wine intake.  During the reading, I had simply asked about my consumption of red wine, the amount of which concerned me at the time.  Joanna laughingly replied, "Oh God!"  Then she added that I had a team of teachers and masters and loved ones (collectively, “spirit helpers” (my term)), and that my spirit helpers were "laughing their asses off" after hearing my question. 
Joanna conveyed that my spirit helpers said, "Enjoy yourself," and that "You know when it's too much . . . You know when it's blocking you from attaining [that which you are trying] to attain.”
“There's nothing wrong with enjoying red wine,” Joanna said, as she continued relaying the messages from the spirit helpers.  
"Why is there nothing wrong?" I wondered.  I was drinking more red wine than my doctors had prescribed.  
Then the question was answered.  Because, wine allows me to relax to a place where I “don't seem to be able to get to” otherwise. It's important for me to transcend the “chattering” of my mind.  I do that with dance and drumming, and red wine is “another tool” that I use to do that.
Emphatically, Joanna relayed that "You know your own truth with this," which I took to heart. 
Continuing with her "channeling," Joanna added, "As long as it's not like a gallon a day or something." 
Wow! That was good news!
Then she laughed and said at the end, "A glass or two is good."
Uh oh!  There's a big difference between two glasses and one gallon.  Still trying to figure out the parameters.  But I will go with this for now: I know when it’s too much, and I know my own Truth.  On a daily basis.  Who knows what tomorrow may bring?  
Hemmingway on drinking is here.

Binge watching "Boston Legal," again. In Season 4, Episode 2, Alan and Gloria break up.  Later, on Denny Crane's balcony, Denny asks Alan, "You and Gloria leave it as friends?"  Alan replies sadly, "No." Denny responds, "It's sad how you go from intimacy to nothing. Cold turkey. I mean how many people along the way have true meaning in your life? And to suddenly have no contact after... [Pause]. It's sad."  So true.

OK, so now I'm back on the dating sites.  They have proven productive before, but it was a lot easier five years ago, and much easier than that ten years before then.  Nowadays, so-many of the women in my age group present a primary photo that was taken 20 years before their profile age.  But they do have other photos and there is often one "giveaway" photo amongst their profile photos, showing how they appear now (or a few years before). Why can't people be honest?  I caption or note the date when all of my profile photos were taken.  What a great guy I AM!

Hear, hear!

So many women on the dating sites "love to laugh," so I'm brushing up on my Henny Youngman routines.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-LD9Xgqf6w

Does every woman "love to travel"?  I searched for women who express a hatred regarding travel, on many many dating websites.  No hits.

When on a dating website, a woman includes the adjective "generous" among the traits that she seeks in a man, I think, "Gold-digger."  But, my own history plays into this perspective.  Thus, the thought I get, may not be true.

But who knows?

Sunday, February 10, 2019

An Eye Opener

"The Host and the Parasite" by Greg Felton opened my eyes to political matters I had never seriously considered. For example, the author's analysis regarding Israel having become the US's top priority in the Middle East, instead of oil, I found very persuasive. 

Mr. Felton's observation that during World War II, the Zionists were in bed with the Nazis, is something I had heard before, from the  "True Torah Jews"  no less. Both they and Mr. Felton present strong arguments in support of that position. 

Agree also with Mr. Felton that being anti-Zionist does not make you anti-semitic, despite what many Zionists say. 

Cannot agree with the author that the US military "is the best hope for ending the fascist reign of terror" that exists today (page 494) since I have no idea who in the military would be in control, how they would go about changing things, or what the ultimate result would be. I think a better solution would be to end rigged voting (somehow), and give reformers and the voters a chance to change things. 

Another top priority would be to bring the real culprits behind 9/11 to Justice. As of this writing (2/8/2019), the only hope I see for that scenario is the grand jury action initiated by the Lawyers Committee for a 9/11 Inquiry. 

Here's hoping.

[A version of the above review has been posted on Amazon - 5 Stars.]  

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Hey! It's 2019!

It’s 2019!  And the writings below have been initially crafted as of the original date of this posting, but edited later, on occasion.  It's up to you to catch where or when.  Not that anyone is reading this anyway.  Unless...there's a "conspiracy theory" investigation underway. By the way, you can't get "Conspiracy Theory" now on Amazon.  I wonder why?  Prime Video
Currently unavailable. 

And this Blogger thing is acting weird.  (True, I haven't been here in a while.)  The links below may not link, but the url's should be accurate.  If interested, cut and paste the url's into your browser, view, listen, and enjoy!

Looking back on 2018, the birth of my granddaughter Ailis in February was such a magnificent highlight, I cannot see fit to complain (too much) about the 2018 things that did occur, and that could be classified as “negative.”

For example, I refuse to complain about my (now ex-) employer’s eliminating my (and so many others’) position(s) via “streamlining,” which came about after a big-time “merger.”  I wish the surviving corporation great luck going forward (they will need it, from what I’ve seen).    

In September 2018, my employer congratulated and rewarded me for 35 years of service.  Two months later, they advised me that my position had been eliminated.  Things can change on a dime, you know? 

Still, needless to say, but saying it anyway, health is the most important thing.  Here’s hoping all of you are healthy. I feel fine (knock kwood!). https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-adk-adk_sbnt&hsimp=yhs-adk_sbnt&hspart=adk&p=beatles+i+feel+fine#id=1&vid=00f59b8a6a5699d1614741a67dd747e4&action=click

By the way, how is it that this brilliantly coined phrase of mine, “Knock kwood!” has not caught on?  My middle brother says, “Because it sucks.”  Can’t be that.

I feel like a fish out of water not going to work. Admittedly, I do at times like not having to go to work, but I miss working.

Sleeping more lately.  Way more.

Some  “No Caller ID” nitwit woke me up three times last night.  Had to learn how to set “Do Not Disturb” on my iPhone.

Being out of work, I’ve taken to Twittering.  I really don’t have that much to say except that…the right to Freedom of Speech is eroding, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laws_against_Holocaust_denial

here, there, and everywhere.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdcSFVXd3MU

The Lawyers Committee and the response they received from the US Attorney for the First District, Geoffrey Berman (see link to follow), re-ignites hope (mine, at least) that some semblance of justice may prevail regarding 9/11.  See https://www.lawyerscommitteefor9-11inquiry.org/

Wondering whether the US Attorney for the First District, Geoffrey Berman, can act independently, and in accord with the letter of the law, and within his own conscience, regarding the allegations made by the Lawyers Committee regarding 9/11 (see above).  Where is Trump on all this?  Anywhere?

Wondering also, what percentage of the US (World, etc.) population values Truth, anymore? 

9/11/2001 is a key moment in time. If you are not aware of that, take two red pills and call someone other than me in the morning.

Recently learned (4 years after the fact) that my city’s mayor had decriminalized possession of 25 grams of marijuana (about 88% of an ounce, according to my website calculations). See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_in_New_York .  Holy smokes!  Didn’t know the mayor had that power!  Maybe I should read the newspapers and/or watch the news, once in a while.

Growing up, Jimmy Cannon was my favorite newspaper columnist. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_Cannon

It has been reported that, on Dick Clark’s 1950’s+ TV show, American Bandstand, the only music artist allowed to perform LIVE was Jerry Lee Lewis.  Everyone else had to lip sync.  However, this video (across which, I have recently stumbled) seems to capture a LIVE non-Jerry Lee performance by The Champs doing Tequila.  Imbibe, if you will.à https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uyl7GP_VMJY

Not sure why I feel the need to say this but. . . When the Brooklyn Dodgers finally won the World Series in 1955, it was a dream come true, for those of us who can still remember. http://www.attheplate.com/Brooklyn1955/index.html

Three years later, the “Bums” left for the West Coast, a living nightmare that would spur the decline of the borough of Brooklyn for 50 years or so.  We’ve emerged from that cycle now, thankfully.  Brooklyn is happening, and has been, for over a decade! https://www.realclearhistory.com/historiat/2018/05/30/whos_really_to_blame_for_dodgers_leaving_brooklyn_316.html

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Down to Earth Spiritual Journey

Garry Gewant’s “…Journey from Atheism to Spirituality” is a wonderful nonfiction work that discusses mystical topics in a down-to-earth fashion.  All of the narratives are quite intriguing and entertaining.  I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in Spirituality, mediumship, reincarnation, metaphysics, the workings of the Universe, and the like.

Interestingly, the pages of the book are not divided into chapters, but into “Life Lessons,” e.g., “Life Lesson 5,” instead of “Chapter 5.” I especially like how the episodes within each “Life Lesson” are at times broken up into short (non-fiction) stories that you can usually finish even if you only have a tiny period of time to relax and read.

Garry’s perspectives regarding the third eye, sixth sense, “skeptic vs cynic,” the Universe, etc., are all, in my view, highly accurate.   I also found Garry’s philosophical statements to be in sync with the core shamanic beliefs that form a cornerstone of my own spirituality.   Further, the author’s descriptions of the experiences he’s had with Spirit contact, synchronicities, hearing voices, and feeling those “familiar chills,” all ring true.

Garry’s accounts of how he goes from a tortured super market employee and smoker, to teacher, hypnotherapist, medium, author, and non-smoker, are unique and enjoyable.   The stories about Garry’s father and the ramifications of his (and Garry’s own) smoking—are moving.    The narrative about the metaphysical school trip (page 18 et seq) is spectacular, a showstopper. There are other showstoppers as well, but I can’t get into all of them here.

One fascinating account I must mention is the story of Garry’s connection to Brian Weiss, the penultimate past-life regression expert. It was at an upstate New York Spiritual education center called “Omega” where Garry met, and studied with, Dr. Weiss.  It was also at Omega that Garry and I met, as you can read beginning with “Another Life Lesson - # 57.”  I remember that event very well, and Garry’s description of the event is wholly accurate—providing more evidence of the honesty and integrity that is an essence of Garry as I know him, and that comes thru in his book.

 “THE END OF THE BOOK But not the journey” wraps things up nicely on page 317, but Garry continues on to discuss the importance of family, providing further insight to who he is—a wonderful family man, who also just happens to be a gifted medium.